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Golden Bomber now has an official youtube account!

Euclid Agency apparently created a youtube account for Golden Bomber videos. It’s still empty right now, but I’m sure they will upload something as soon as it comes out.


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Golden Bomber’s last Nico Nico (2011/11/20) has been uploaded on youtube! It’s split into 4 parts! 

part 2
part 3
part 4

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Interview at V-Rock Festival

69:Please introduce yourselves and tell us a secret of the member beside you.
All:Secret???? [laugh]
Jun:I wonder what secrets we have…
Sho:I know some dirty secrets…
Kenji:I think it’s time to spill it.
Sho:Shall we?
Kenji:Say it, say it!
Jun:Well, it is the Internet. Okay, let’s tell them to the world.
Sho:Now I’m getting scared.
Jun:First your self introduction. I’m Kiryuin Sho, on vocals. Wait, I don’t know if this is okay to say…
Jun:I’m nervous, but… what is it?
Sho:Can I say that you love Maid Cafés?
Jun:That’s totally fine! [Laughs] I’ve said it before.
Sho:Oh, okay. Well Jun is crazy about maid cafés. He loves Akihabara.
69:What do you like about akihabara?
Jun:The Japanese sub-culture maid café! (laugh) This is Utahiroba Jun on bass. Kenji’s secret is that he had all the hair around his lower half, his ass and his penis removed.
Kenji:What are you saying???
69:Is it true?
Kenji:Well, yes, it is. You could say it’s like a woman’s shaved privates.
Jun:Just like a baby. It’s cute.
Kenji:I’m Kenji Darubishu on drums. Yutaka’s secrets is … he is uncircumcised.
Yutaka:There’s skin covering it.
Sho:Baby Penis!
Yutaka:I’m Kyan Yutaka on guitar. That guy actually–
Jun:This is Kiryuin Sho’s secret–
Yutaka:–increased the air around the O line and I line of his ass.
Jun:He got more.
Sho:The hair is thick.
Jun:This guy (Kenji) has none and this guy (Sho) has–
Sho:Thick hair.
69:So that’s why only Kenji strips on the stage.
All:That’s right!
69:What’s the most fun thing about doing a live?
Jun:That’s a great question!
Sho:I enjoy every moment, but…
Jun:The moments when I do my furi (choreography) at the front of the stage and the whole audience dances along and follows me really make me happy.
69:Do you make all the furi?
Jun:We all work together–well, I do it sometimes–but we all make it.
69:Golden Bombers’ shows are always different with lots of various gags, but where do these ideas come from? For example, who made the one you did today with the corn?
Sho:We’ve been doing that one for a long time…
Yutaka:I don’t remember who made which ones, but Sho makes most of them.
69:I see. So you guys are an “air-band”, but if you could “play” another instrument, what would it be?
Jun:Oh, I see.
Yutaka:Drums seem fun, but… I want to do vocals after all. It stands out the most.
Jun:Oh, you too? Actually I want to be a vocalist, too.
Kenji:Jun, too? To be honest, I want to be a vocalist, too!
Yutaka:I’m actually forced to pay guitar. I really wanted to be the vocalist.
Sho:That’s right, you don’t really have any feelings for guitar.
69:How about you, Sho?
Sho:I was going to say something funny, but…
69:So in the end, it’s four vocalists?
Jun:It’s not even a band! It’s a vocal unit! [laugh]
69:A boy band. Like the Backstreet Boys.
Sho:We get that a lot. People say that we are very similar.
Jun:We are Saitama’s Back Street Boys.
69:By the way, how did this band get started?
Sho:Yutaka and I wanted to be popular but we couldn’t find a way. We figured we could get popular by starting a band, so we did, but Yutaka’s guitar sucked.
Yutaka:It sucked.
Sho:That’s how we became like this. After we gave up.
Jun:I saw them live, and I was very impressed. I can’t play any instruments, but he (Yutaka) sucks just as bad, so I wanted to join and become popular.
Kenji:When I wanted to join this band, there was an opening for a drummer. So they let me join.
69:Tell us the truth, can you actually play drums?
Kenji:Not at all.
69:You seem like you would be great.
Kenji:I get that a lot recently, but I can’t play at all.
69:On that note, how about you, Yutaka? You sometimes play live, right?
Yutaka:I play sometimes at onemans. Actually, I’m a brilliant guitarist but I try to hide my talent.
Kenji:Well you’re not hiding it very well. You’ve let it out!
69:Did you start playing the guitar before or after Golden Bomber?
Yutaka:My family is very educational, so I started when I was 2 years old.
Jun:That’s what I expect!
Sho:He’s a genius but people say he sucks. [Laugh]
69:So, Kenji and Yutaka visited Viju Love Night and afterwards, Kenji posted a blog about wanting to DJ. If you had the opportunity, what would you play?
Kenji:Let’s see. “Sen no Kazeni Natte.”
[Laughter and singing]
Sho:That’s hard to dance to!
Yutaka:Can you dance at all?
69:That’s… not a visual kei song, is it?
Kenji:Oh, yeah. I’m sorry. If it has to be visual kei, then lynch. have a song called “adore.” I’ve always loved it! “adore” by lynch.
69:You often say that no one wants to do taiban (joint events) with Golden Bomber, but who would you most like to do taiban with?
Sho:I don’t want to play with any good bands. Terrible bands…
Kenji:Having said “terrible” it would be really rude to say any names!
Sho:Can you think of any? Terrible bands?
Jun:I know a lot of terrible bands, like…
Sho:You’re scary!
Jun:Visual kei bands?
69:They don’t have to be visual kei.
Jun:Well, then I would say Lady Gaga! I also like TOKIO HOTEL.
69:You have a song called “Kakkoii na Eigo tte.” We were very impressed that you recognize the bad English often heard in visual kei and could make a joke out of it. How much of English do you understand?
Sho:I wrote the lyrics, but I’m really bad at English so I don’t understand anything at all. I just wrote it randomly… [laugh]
69:It was spot on, though!
Sho:I just guessed correctly. I was just lucky. I came all the way here just with luck. [laugh]
69:Lastly, a message for ROKKYUU’s readers.
Sho:Please search for Golden Bomber and watch our videos etc. If you like, please comment on them in English. It can be anything, like “die!” and we’ll think “Awww, people from overseas are watching us!” and be very happy. We want to hear your voices. Please send us a message!
Kenji:Everyone in America, I love you.
Yutaka:The whole world!
Kenji:Everyone in the world, I love you. Everyone reading this, I love you. Thank you very much.
Yutaka:All 60 countries in the world…
All:What are you talking about? There are more countries in the world! [laugh]
Jun:How cute. [laugh]
Yutaka:My dream is to have a kid in every single country in the world. So if you want me, please hit me up on Twitter etc. I will fly to you.
Kenji:You completed 20 countries already, right?
Yutaka:Yes, yes. I fly all the time.
69:Have you guys been overseas?
Jun:We’ve been to France and Korea.
Sho:Yeah, we’ve been there for lives.
Yutaka:Jun has been to a lot of countries.
Jun:I have been to over 100 countries. Ever since I was little. Honestly! I want to make hybrid babies with Yutaka. In any country.
69:Making Golden Bomber Jr.’s throughout the world!
All:Junior! [laugh]
Jun:I want to make Golden Bomber Jr.’s!
Yutaka:I want to paint the world in Golden Bomber.
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V-ROCK FESTIVAL comment with English subtitles!

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Read Music Japan Plus’ Life is Alright report HERE

Read Music Japan Plus’ Life is Alright report HERE

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Golden Bomber on M-Station 2011/09/02!

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For everybody else that missed it: Today’s Nack5 Beat Shuffle with Golden Bomber!

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Golden Bomber will be guests on Nack5 Beat Shuffle tomorrow (the 19th of August)!

They will be on air from 19:15-19:45 and from 20:05-20:25. The live stream will be availabe on and radio is available through!


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